Head of the Rock Results

Racing at the Head of the Rock Regatta concluded with our Crews pulling promising times for the fall.

Varsity Men:
The Purdue Men’s Varsity 8 received 2nd in the Men’s Collegiate 8 Event, with the Lightweights 4 places behind them at 6th and the JV8 at 8th.
In the Men’s Collegiate 4’s Category, the Varsity men took 2nd and 4th.

Varsity Women:
The Purdue Women’s Varsity 8 took 6th only a second behind the Drake A boat. Their 4 also pulled an impressive time in the Women’s Open 4+ race.

Novice Men:
Our Novice Men ranked exceptionally well among their peers, with their top two eights taking 2nd and 4th behind Michigan and Notre Dame respectively.
The Novice Men also placed 2nd and 5th in their Novice 4+ races.

Novice Women:
The Novice Women pulled a respectable time in their race, placing 6th, but shined in the Novice 4+ race receiving 3rd.

The Varsity Squads enjoyed racing their Mixed Open 8+’s lineups and ended up sweeping the event.

For a full list of boat times and placements, see Head of the Rock Results.

Purdue Crew is excited about the performance of our Novice and Varsity squads and looks forward to next year’s Head of the Rock Regatta!

Thanks to the YMCA of Rock River Valley Rowing Club for hosting and organizing this event.