UPDATE: This year, we are extending our Rent-A-Rower fall event into the spring! We are looking for requests with flexible dates in order to help rowers cover the cost for our spring break training trip.

The Purdue crew team will soon hold its annual “Rent-A-Rower” fund-raisers. For a $75 donation, you can have a rower work up to five hours. This is a great opportunity to prepare your home for winter, while assisting the crew team with its travel and equipment expenses.

In past years, we have had requests for a variety of jobs, such as painting, building fences, and cleaning out basements and garages—we also take care of those dirty windows and autumn leaves. If you have a particularly big job, please request more than one rower to tackle the work. We have rowers from many fields at Purdue who are glad to do your more specialized work. Just ask!

The team is made up of approximately 150 student-athletes, who are hard-working and dedicated individuals at the university. They are willing to put in this extra time and effort to help you while helping their team financially.

We plan to hold four fundraisers, one per day on September 28, October 19, October 27, and November 9; each one starting at 9:00 AM and spanning until 2:00 PM. If there is a cancellation due to inclement weather, there will be a scheduled makeup day on Sunday, November 18. Each rower requested is a $75 donation and works up to five hours at your discretion.

If Rent-a-Rower is something that you are interested in doing, feel free to fill out the form below to request rowers for the next Rent-a-Rower!

Rent-a-Rower Request Form

Things to Note:
-If you submitted a request via google survey or mail you will receive an email approximately a week before the date of the job confirming your job has been filled or not filled.
-If you plan on picking up your rowers please pick them up at 500 Brown Street, West Lafayette at 9 am on the date of the job.
– Expect a call from your rowers at 8:30 am the morning of your rent a rower to confirm your job
– Please make all checks out to “Purdue Crew” and the charge is 75 dollars per rower