Nick is from Dublin, Ohio and will be graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Nick started rowing because he “was bad at other sports [he] tried and needed something to get [him] into shape”. Clearly, rowing stuck for Nick, as he’s been a rower for 8 years! Nick shared that rowing at Purdue allowed him to set competitive goals for himself and his team, and see those goals through to the end.
In his words- “All the hard work you put in every day makes winning feel that much sweeter”. We couldn’t agree more!

We’ll miss you, Nick!

Megan is from Shaker Heights, Ohio and will be graduating with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. She has been rowing for 8 years! Megan chose to row because of the competitive team atmosphere and chance to build meaningful friendships with her teammates. Megan worked hard both on and off the water. When reflecting on her college career, she expressed that rowing not only allowed her to stay active during college, but also allowed her to build time management skills in order to excel academically. However, the most important thing Megan gained from Purdue Crew were “lifelong friendships from the team”!

We are so proud of you, Megan!

Nick is from Elkhart, IN and will be graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has been rowing for 4 years and chose to row for Purdue Crew because he enjoys being part of a competitive team. When asked what rowing added to his college experience, Nick noted that he is much more versed in working hard with a strong team, and got a lot of experience working with others that he would not have gotten otherwise. Nick is a great team player and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in the future.

We’ll miss you, Nick!

Jill is from Floyds Knobs, Indiana and will graduate with a degree in Biology.
When she came to Purdue, Jill decided to try something new and found that rowing was the perfect opportunity for her to be part of a competitive team and meet new people. Purdue Crew has been lucky enough to have Jill for the entirety (4 years) of her rowing career!
She shared that rowing was an integral part of her college career, not only teaching her to be a better student and teammate, but providing her with lifelong friendships.
Jill says it best- “Anytime I think about my college experience my time on the team is what I think of first.”

We’ll miss you, Jill!

Liam is from Palos Heights, Illinois and will be graduating with a degree in Computer Science. Liam thought that rowing would be a good way to meet good people- and 8 years of rowing later, proved that theory to be true! He found “a lot of really awesome people” through Purdue Crew and “had a lot of great times with them over [his] four years.” We’re sad to see Liam go, but can’t wait to see what he accomplishes going forward!

We’ll miss you, Liam!

Marley is from Fishers, Indiana and will graduate with a degree in Planetary Science. She was drawn to Purdue Crew by one of our boats-on-campus events and wanted to “get outside her comfort zone”. Thankfully, Marley liked what she saw and stayed for the next 4 years!
Purdue Crew helped Marley grow as a person and she shared she is positive that she wouldn’t be as confident and independent as she is now without rowing. Not only did it grow her personally, but she met “so many awesome people” she would not have et otherwise.
Even though she’s graduating, Marley knows that “the friends [she] made and things [she] learned will stay with [her] for a very long time.”

We are so proud of you Marley!

Forrest is from Springfield, VA and will graduate with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. When asked why he chose to row, he simply stated, “I’ve always been a medium guy trying to do big guy things, so rowing was right up my alley.” Forrest definitely proved he’s one of the big guys over an 8 year rowing career!
Forrest’s reflection on Purdue Crew is evidence of the passion, heart, and pride that everyone in the boathouse knows he has for this team. “Coming to Purdue and becoming a member of this team has unequivocally been the best choice I have ever made.
From the upperclassmen who inspired me and taught me what being a member of this team truly meant. To the underclassmen I’ve been able to support and watch grow into exceptional athletes and citizens. To the members of the Class of 2020, the best friends I’ve ever had.
The 120 members of this team are the most committed, driven, compassionate, relentless,  and trustworthy people I have ever known. This is a family I couldn’t imagine my life without.“

We’ll miss you, Forrest!

Jean is from Ann Arbor, Michigan and will graduate with a degree in Elementary Education.
Jean has spent time in both the coxswain’s seat and as a rower! She started her 7 and a half year rowing career in high school. Jean spent 4 years as a coxswain, but after filling in occasionally as a rower, “became curious about [her] own athletic ability”. This was a fitting move for her and she spent the next 3 and a half years as a rower!
Not only did rowing teach her to keep pushing past her limits, but Jean says she made her best friends through this team.
To Jean, Purdue Crew “has been the best part of [her] college experience”.

We are so proud of you, Jean!

Shan is from Holtsville, New York and will be graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Shan has been rowing for 4 years.
When asked why he chose to row, Shan described the sport as “a fun and unique experience that [he] loved to be a part of.”
Reflecting on his time at Purdue Crew, Shan was thankful that rowing “allowed [him] to be a part of a team larger than [himself].” We are so grateful for the time we had with Shan and can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in the future.

We’ll miss you Shan!

Bradie is from, Seattle, Washington and will graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering. Bradie completed her 4 year rowing career at Purdue after falling in love with “the sense of unity” found at Purdue Crew.
More than anything else, Bradie loved the fact that a group of people with such different interests and personalities could come together so strongly when they are immersed in the sport.
Bradie’s reflection on her time with Purdue Crew shows her growth as both a person and athlete over four years of dedication to her sport and teammates. “Through rowing, I learned what I am capable of physically and mentally. Crew challenged what I thought my limits were and pushed them to a whole different level. Because of crew, I gained confidence in myself and my capabilities; but my favorite thing that rowing brought to my life from the second I joined the team are the people who I would call my best friends after four years.”

We are so proud of you, Bradie!

Michael is from Westport, Connecticut and will graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering.
He started his 3 year rowing career because he “wanted to try a new sport that would challenge [him] as an individual and team player.” Entering a new sport enhanced Michael’s college career and markedly helped build his confidence on and off the water.
Even though he’s leaving the boathouse, Purdue Crew connections will follow him into the professional world. “Coach Kucik also recommended me for an internship which became my future job so I can thank Purdue Crew for my post-college career as well.“ We’re glad to see that Michael will carry a little part of Purdue Crew with him as he goes forward in the post-grad world!

We’ll miss you, Michael!
Dan is from Columbus, Ohio and will be graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Dan’s 4 year rowing career started with a decision to try a new demanding, team centric sport. He was looking for a way to be involved on campus outside of class and help connect more to Purdue.
Purdue Crew fit perfectly for him- and added to his college career by giving him an opportunity to work to improve himself and push his teammates. We are so glad Dan took a chance outside of his comfort zone and found Purdue Crew!

We’ll miss you, Dan!

Henri is from Duluth, Minnesota and will graduate with a degree in Organizational and Strategic Management.
Henri’s 6 year coxing career started because he saw competitive opportunities in the sport. However, he quickly realized that his biggest enjoyment in the sport came from the people he shared a boat with.
Henri says he “can’t imagine [his] college career without the sport of rowing” His fondest memories and closest friends all came as a result of Purdue Crew.
We’re so thankful for the leadership and dedication that Henri put into this team and can’t wait to see what he accomplishes going forward.

We’ll miss you, Henri!

Alan is from Fort Wayne, Indiana and will graduate with a degree in Nuclear Engineering.
Alan’s 3 year rowing career started simply because he wanted to try a new sport in college. He heard that rowing was one of the most challenging sports to take on- and found that to be the perfect challenge.
Alan attests that Purdue Crew’s bond goes beyond the boathouse, and that the  work put in during training creates an unmatched connection between teammates. “Rowing has given me some of the best friends I could ever ask for. When you spend hours every day shedding blood, sweat, and tears with your teammates, they truly become family. I couldn’t have made it through all the challenges of college without the unwavering support of everyone on the team.”

We’ll miss you, Alan!


Caitlin is from Carmel, Indiana and will graduate with a degree in Crop and Soil Management. Caitlin started her 3 year rowing career with a goal to make friends and stay in shape. Purdue Crew ended up being one of the best parts of college for her!

Caitlin credits Purdue Crew with both teaching her valuable life skills that will translate well into her post-graduate career, and giving her friends that will last beyond Purdue. “I was able to join a team that taught me about commitment, accountability, and hard work and was truly able to see that through my teammates. The team became a family and I loved being able to share this experience with them!“

We are so proud of you Caitlin!


Jack is from Oakland Twp, Michigan, and will graduate with a degree in Materials Science Engineering.
Jack has been rowing for 4 years and initially chose to row because he “had big legs from hockey, running, and lifting.” None of these activities felt right at Purdue- running hurt too much, and there is no hockey in West Lafayette- so Jack turned to Purdue Crew.

Purdue Crew allowed Jack to work off the stress of school and provided him with a team’s worth of close friends. “Rowing gave me the strongest support group I’ve had, the best workouts I’ve done, and a way to cool off from class.”

We’ll miss you, Jack!


Milo has been rowing for 4 years and joined Purdue Crew simply because “swim club didn’t show up to Late Night at the Corec.” Purdue Crew has allowed Milo to pursue accomplishments beyond the classroom and explore goals that are non-academic. “Without periodically attempting feats of athleticism, I would have had to measure my success in college with grades or something.” We’re glad the swim team didn’t work out and that you found your place in the Purdue Crew boathouse!

We’ll miss you, Milo!