Purdue Rowing Alumni Endowment

As a club sport, our team is not sponsored by Purdue athletics. We depend on the generosity of the Recreation and Wellness department, friends, family, alumni, and other supporters of the program. We strive to maintain and update our equipment to provide a suitable training environment and develop a stronger, more competitive program that supports our Mission, Vision, and Values, while always staying true to our open club sport background no matter the level of support our endowments provide.

Our alumni endowment mission is to support the future of Purdue Crew through the establishment of a strong foundation that ensures the sustainability of this beloved sport. We strive to secure the future of Purdue Crew by providing financial resources that enhance the opportunities available to current and future athletes, coaches, and programs while building self-sufficiency of the Purdue Crew program.

Purdue Crew has come a long way in the last 70+ years! We have benefited enormously from the generosity and scrappiness of past and current members, in both large and small amounts.

We have an exciting opportunity to move beyond scrappiness and stabilize the foundation of the team for the future by funding the Purdue Rowing Alumni Endowment now.

An endowment is a permanent investment account that provides interest income to Purdue Crew to fund coaching, equipment, facility, and programmatic needs. The principal remains intact, growing through wise investment strategies and generating increasingly larger interest revenue.

Endowments are essential to advance our mission of creating a rewarding team environment focused on purposeful self-improvement through competitive rowing, attracting top coaching talent, fielding competitive teams, and offering Purdue Rowers and Coxswains the best possible athletic and collegiate experiences. Often, the difference between an average program and one that excels nationally is a fully funded endowment.

Our Purdue Rowing Alumni Endowment supports operations, equipment replacement, and coaching. The more we can grow the fund, the bigger the impact we’ll have on the future of our team! The team will receive an annual payout each academic year in perpetuity from the fund, with the principal invested and managed by Purdue University. Donations to the endowment are 100% tax deductible!

Through the generosity and dedication of our alumni, we seek to foster a sense of community and pride among those who share a passion for Purdue Crew. Our mission is to empower the next generation of athletes and leaders by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed on and off the water, as well as developing the necessary infrastructure and resources to support the program's financial sustainability and self-sufficiency.

As we work towards achieving our mission, we recognize the importance of preserving the traditions and values that make Purdue rowing such a special and unique experience. We are committed to upholding these traditions while also embracing innovation and progress in the sport.

Ultimately, our goal is to create a lasting legacy that reflects the passion and commitment of our alumni towards Purdue Crew. Through our endowment, we hope to inspire future generations of athletes, coaches, and supporters to continue the legacy of excellence in Purdue Crew while also building a self-sufficient program that can sustain itself for years to come.

Your donation to support the Purdue Rowing Alumni Endowment is a gift that never ends.

Endowment Initiative

Supporting the Purdue Rowing Alumni Endowment is the best way to ensure the long-term success and stability of Purdue Crew. By contributing to this endowment, donors are helping to establish a solid financial foundation that will provide ongoing support for coaching, equipment, and operations. This ensures that the team has the resources necessary to compete at the highest level and attract top talent. With a well-funded endowment, the team can invest in modern equipment, provide top-notch coaching, and cover travel and competition expenses. By supporting the Purdue Rowing Alumni Endowment, donors are not only helping to sustain the current team, but they are also investing in the future of Purdue Crew. This endowment provides a permanent source of funding that will continue to support the team for generations to come, allowing them to focus on their ultimate goal of achieving success both on and off the water.

We sincerely appreciate your generosity, as every single gift makes a difference in the lives of our student-athletes. As a 'Pay to Play' club sport, each crew member pays $141/month, $550 for our spring training trip, and additional trip fees if they are chosen to race at special varsity regattas like the Head of the Charles, San Diego Crew Classic, or the Henley Royal Regatta.

These fees are in addition to our team fundraisers to help keep costs down, such as our 3 Rent-A-Rowers, Row-A-Thon fundraiser, and Feast of the Hunters' Moon setup/cleanup fundraiser. All so that each athlete has the opportunity to show up after a full day in the classroom to work exceptionally hard earning a seat to represent the defending Purdue Crew club rowing team national champions.

We value the tradition of rowers leaning in to support their rowing experience at Purdue but as costs continue to increase and funding is not fully secure, we are working hard to make rowing affordable and ensure the stability and future of the program. Our fundraising goal is to lower the costs of participation on our athletes and make the Purdue Crew competitive club sport rowing experience financially accessible to ALL Purdue students by focusing all fundraising on our endowments until we are fully endowed- which will happen when the total of all of our endowments reach $15 million. At this level we will sustainably be able to support a professional coaching staff, equipment and operational needs. Your help is critical to get us to the finish line.